Frequently Asked


Public events usually last about 3-4 hours, with options of longer parties for private and corporate events.

The maximum number of guests for any particular party depends on the venue. If you are able to purchase a ticket, there is still room for you. You can sign up on your own or along with friends.

Most of our public events are hosted at venues that serve alcohol, therefore anyone under the age of 21 won’t be able to attend a party that goes past 10 pm. Contact us for age-appropriate parties for birthdays and other private events.

This is entirely up to you! You will be introduced to your character and the rest of the cast prior to the event. Get to know your character and prepare a costume if you’d like. If you’d rather show up with no prior thought, you may do that as well.

Everything that’s required for the party will be provided. Just bring your gorgeous self. Wait…at least wear clothes, a birthday suit is the only costume we haven’t approved.

In the sense of talking to random people and placing a toe outside of your comfort zone, absolutely. There is nothing horrific or graphic about the content of the parties.

With enough of a notice and some special considerations, we can host in any city in the U.S., unless you are the one person living in Monowi Nebraska, sorry, we can’t make that work. Contact us for more details.

Potentially! Give us a call or an email.


Not at all. If dressup isn’t your thing, come in street clothes, sweats, or a onesie. Be comfortable, you’ll still have a blast. If you do dress up, know that you’ll be in good company.

We love shy people! We promise to respect that you don’t want to be the center of attention and will provide you with a character that allows you to join in the fun without stepping too far outside of your comfort zone.

There is no script and there are no lines to recite or memorize, but we will give you clue cards and plenty of guidance on how to use them.

Before each party, we send every guest a survey to get to know how outgoing you’d like to be. If you answer that you don’t enjoy speaking in front of a group, you will never be put in that position.


Absolutely. Get creative and wear your best disguise or your fanciest ball gown. The sky’s the limit!

Innit the point of a character, mate?

The whole show is all about improvisation. We’ll provide clue cards and guidance on how to use them. Beyond that, let your creativity fly.


The hell if we know, people just keep showing up. Only one way to find out!

Private & Corporate Events

Yes, we offer events to accommodate groups of any size in just about any location. Take a look at our Private Parties page for more info.

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