Case File

Guilty Party Mysteries
Liz Kamp, Jason Hussman, Sam Hussman
Case Status


March 2021
Last Seen
Fleeing the scene at Thirsty Pagen Brewing on the night of August 21st
Liz Kamp and Jason Hussman

Accusations & Evidence

Guilty Party Mysteries is accused of hosting unique mystery experiences that cast well-to-do citizens as gossips, gangsters, rabble-rousers, and criminals. These events are reported to have taken place in shadowy bars, breweries, and speakeasies across the nation. GPM was often heard lamenting life’s mundane and openly discussing their plans to give people the feeling of being at the center of a ‘real mystery’. Victims span all personality types, from extroverts to extreme introverts. Several boxes of handwritten plots and custom character descriptions were retrieved during an investigation of their offices. Evidence leads us to believe that GPM is not your average murder mystery mastermind and should be approached with ardor. 


Fingerprint sheet


GPM is known to dress in full costume. Past sightings report top hats, three-piece suits, elaborate evening dresses, patterned bowties, corsets, and, of course, gloves.

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