Time To Kill


A sketchy group of time travelers are having a secret meetup at Duhb Linns one New Years eve night. The meeting was going well until someone was murdered! You must solve the murder at all cost! Interrogate the other time travelers, solve your escape room puzzle box, and never speak of this night again!

Evening Timeline

In the year 2148, Maestro Chronos has finally accomplished what those before him only dreamed of. He invented time travel and successfully voyaged across the temporal currents. After perfecting his machine and gaining experience through the years, he discovered that the world would be a much better place if we could all learn firsthand from our past and future selves. That is why he founded the Temporal Nexus, a secret society of elite members from all throughout history, who meet precisely at untime, on the spot, to preserve the fabric of existence itself. This is a unique opportunity for people of all eras to share the unique knowledge and revolutionary technology of their time. Together the members can provide insights into the progression of human innovation.

Recently in sometime, Maestro Chronos has discovered a bit of turmoil within the society. The keepers of untime have been showing signs of unrest. He hears whispers of conundrums and quandaries, which can draw unwanted attention to the society’s deeds. Chronos cannot risk the discovery of the Temporal Nexus and time travel, or all his life’s work will be lost. Because of this, he has decided to host this year’s annual gala in the shadows of the most inconspicuous untime–the start of the dreariest and most unremarkable year ever recorded: 2024. He will ensure that no one of note should stumble upon this event, allowing him to get to the bottom of the crux at hand. Dubh Linn Brew Pub, secretly known as the Inn of Untime, has been a Temporal Nexus headquarters for many a timeling, but is not often used due to its significant irrelevance throughout untime. The pub’s rustic charm will be perfectly discreet for Chronos to attempt his goal of restoring harmony and order to the gala before all is lost.

This is a team-based event, each team is from a different time/period. Each team has ONLY 20 tickets so grab your friends, family, strangers and fill up an entire team!

Choose the era that tickles your fancy or that you resonate with the most.  Sign up with a team of your best sleuths or snag an individual spot. Contact us if you have a team that is larger than those listed and we’ll see what accommodations we can make. 


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Dec 31 2023


7:00 pm - 10:30 pm


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