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Join us for a night of mystery & mayhem at one of our curated locations.

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We'll bring the mystery, you bring your slueth hat.

Let's get to the bottom of this

What is a guilty party mystery?

Customized murder mystery events made for you.

This isn’t your out-of-the-box mystery game. We custom tailor each events’ characters to fit that unique group. Whether you thrive in the limelight or are the keenest of wallflowers, we have a role that’s just right for you to deepen the plot.

Get into character at one of our curated locations.

We partner with local businesses to set the scene for an unforgettable night out. From shadowy restaurant party rooms to entire taprooms, experience your favorite venue in a whole new light as it’s transformed into a crime scene with a cast of suspicious characters.

Bribe, blackmail, & listen to every whisper.

Put on your most dashing sleuth hat, your character is a vital role in this story.  Together your group has the answers to discover the killer among you, but who can you trust? Bribe, blackmail, and listen to every whisper to find out.

Well . are you ready to play?

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